Hi everybody,

if you are a regular visitor or just found our blog you may have noticed we have been quite for a few months now. First off, we are extremely sorry about that but our workloads just didn’t leave enough time to provide regular content. We will do our best form now on to make time to write about the awesome place and give you some insight in the gear we use or discover, but before we start doing we thought about giving you guys some updates what we have been doing over the past year.

Marie’s LA Gear

Hi there everyone this is Marie. We are currently right in the middle of our final preparations for our trip to LA starting this weekend. We will be on stay for about 4 weeks and we planned the whole thing as a mixture of vacation and self promotional work. Since we’re leaving in a few days it was about time to check our gear and we thought it might be interesting for a few of you to know what will be in our bags for the trip. In addition Sigma Germany have been kind enough to let me play with their new toys which I will test drive over there and hopefully I will be back with a lot of new pictures and Alex and me might even do a little review about the new Art-Lenses.