Hi everybody,

if you are a regular visitor or just found our blog you may have noticed we have been quite for a few months now. First off, we are extremely sorry about that but our workloads just didn’t leave enough time to provide regular content. We will do our best form now on to make time to write about the awesome place and give you some insight in the gear we use or discover, but before we start doing we thought about giving you guys some updates what we have been doing over the past year.

For Marie it went pretty well over the last year. During our time in India, Cape Town and Dubai she shot some amazing images for some pretty neat clients and magazines including VOGUE, HARPERS BAZAAR, PHASE ONE etc.

I made the transition from being a photographer to a full-time freelance retoucher currently growing my own studio. This means I will be writing less about photography and more about my work as a retoucher and the tools I’m using.

Alright folks, that’s it for now. Please be sure to check back every now and then or subscribe to stay up-to-date. We will be travelling quite a lot in the coming weeks and we will also collaborating with a few well-known brands in the industry for some very exciting new releases (anyone using a Nikon ;)) and I’m working on a written Review for the WACOM Mobile Studio Pro which I’m using as my main mobile editing machine for a few months now.

Take Care,

Alex & Marie

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