Top 5 unique temples in Thailand

Hi guys,

since we love Thailand and been there for a few times we would love to share a few of the most unique Temples we have seen so far. Some of them are not very well known which makes them even more special.

Wat Prayoon (Wat Prayoonwongsawat) – BANGKOK

Situated on the Thonburi riverside, at the foot of the memorial bridge, Wat Prayoon is one of the less popular temples of Bangkok. We’ve been there 2 years ago and we had to whole area to ourselves which was amazing.

Behind The Scenes Desertshoot with the Nikon D850 & the ProFoto A1

Hi guys,

a few weeks ago I had a production in the Dubai Desert. This was the first time I had the chance to use the ProFoto A1 again on a outdoor shoot.

I hope you guys like my short #bts video. The images are shot with my Nikon D850 using the Nikon 28mm 1.4 and Nikon 105mm 1.4. The Video is shot with the DJI OSMO and my Iphone7plus



ProFoto A1 The world is my studio

I’m proud to be part of the ProFoto A1 Campaign.

We shot the Video and the Campaign Images in beautiful Matera, Italy.  Enjoy … 😀









Behind the Scenes Fashion Story with the new Nikon D850

I got the new Nikon D850 right in time before I left for Dubai so once I arrived I set up a shoot with my friend Samira to test my new Baby and also my new lenses, the Nikon 28mm 1.4 and the 105mm 1.4.

I hope you guys like this short #bts Video of the shoot.

The Video is shot with the DJI OSMO and the Iphone7plus.



Postcard from Puglia

Hey folks,

it’s been quite a while since we have been insanely busy over the last few months but we still wanted to share something with you again. Today it won’t be about gear or other technical stuff we just wanted to share a little video and some snaps from our last trip with you since we kinda fell in love with a little something called south italy. Last year we have been asked to photograph and film a wedding (more on that in the coming weeks) which would be held in italy since the groom got italien roots. How could you possibly say no to that and since we never ever been to the south of italy we decided to arrive a few days earlier and enjoy the countryside for some much needed down time.

4V Design | Camerastraps

Hey everybody it’s Alex here,

ever since I got on board the mirrorless camera „movement“ I started to care about how my camera looks like. It is nothing I could explain but all of the sudden it mattered what bag I used and that the branded standard straps most cameras come with are kinda ugly. I’m actually a big fan of wrist straps since I find usual straps a little distracting and bulky of some sorts. So I used a matblac wriststrap for quite a while (read our review here) but at the end of last year I stumbled upon the instragram profile of a new strap brand that caught my eye. The name was 4V Design and these guys are putting together some beautiful straps with a unique twist to them.

Walking with tourists in cambodia.

Hi there, here we are again. We’re slowly working on ordering the images and process all the files we have taken on our asia trip, back in december. In between our 4-week trip we stayed 6 days in Siam Reap/Cambodia to visit the temples. In addition to the normal sightseeing stuff Marie was focusing on continuing her child series she started back in 2012. So read on to learn how to stay calm between asian tourist bouncing around with selfie sticks and see a few of the shots we took there.