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we all are constantly annoyed by manufacturers include awful cheap looking and feeling straps with their multi thousand dollar cameras and I don’t know how it is with you but normal camera straps are always in the way when you’re shooting. They’re just good for having the camera on your shoulder but that’s all. I first came across Matblac while visiting the Old Biscuit Mill Market in Cape town and while they did not have any camera related stuff by then I was amazed by the high-quality everyday life accessories they did. I quickly followed them on Instagram which was the place for Matthew, Matblac’s Mastermind to put nice pics of his iPhone Cases, wallets and sunglass cases. As soon as he put up a picture from a wriststrap prototype I was hooked and after I told him that he invited me over to have a first look at it and tell him about my first impression from a photographers perspective. Head over to the full post to read about the final version and how you can get one of these wrist straps yourself since were giving one away.

I got my strap a few weeks after I’ve met Matthew in cape town since he needed to tweak the design a little further from the prototype. When it finally arrived I got a small, lightweight and very understated designed (which is a great thing) wrist strap in my hands. It is made out of a braided nylon fabric with a simple loop at the end to attached it to the camera. There are no metal parts involved so you do not need to worry about scratching your precious camera. I sometimes wish the loop would be longer since it is quite fiddly to attach to my camera. But that is just because im switching between my a6000 and my A7. Seems like I should get another one. 🙂

The braided part of the strap goes around your wrist and very soft and comfortable. Since the strap got such a small foot print it is never in the way when you’re shooting and you barely notice its there but it gives you a sense of security you don’t have when you’re using your camera without a strap. While talking about security, the connection between the loop and the braided part seems like the week spot here, but Matthew states he tested it with 40 kg, which should be more than enough since I don’t see this strap used on bigger DSLRs. While you can certainly do that I see it being used more on mirrorless camera since it is just a perfect fit. The connection between the two parts is aesthetically hidden with a leather wrap that got the matblac logo embossed on it and is hand stitched at the back in a serious show off of craftsmanship.

The braided part of the strap looks great. It has a nice feel to it and appears to be insanely tough.
Sorry for my dirty lens by the way!
I put the loop through the normal strap attachment D-rings on the camera and took off the other one.
If you’re changing these a lot you would want the loop to be about 0.5 cm longer to make it easier
switching the strap between cameras.
Matblac’s logo nicely embossed on the leather wrap.

Since I got the matblac is my go to strap when I’m out in the field wether it is on my a6000 for a day trip or on my A7 for a shooting. I like its handling and that it gets not in the way when you’re shooting. Also its design adds to the camera it gives you a nice and tasteful looking package.

Want one for yourself? I was asking Matthew to sent me two of his straps and we’re giving one away to you guys. Simply subscribe and we will randomly pick one of you guys and ship the strap to you.

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    entering 😉

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    Wow…the strap looks very comfortable…i want to have one 🙂

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    I’m in! and would love to have one 🙂

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    Subscribed too – found your blog while looking at reviews on the A6000. Bought one today. Yay.

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    Hi Alex! I saw that wirst strap when I read your review of the loxia 21/2.8 and subscribed too.

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