Mirrorless in Asia – Pictures Magazine

Hi there folks, we made it to this month’s issue of pictures magazine with our story about traveling through thailand and cambodia.
Head on to read more about it and get some info about what is to come on here.






It’s been very quite here for past few weeks and we’re really sorry about that but we have been extremely busy editing all the stuff from our cape town trip. In between we’re quite proud to present that Pictures Magazine did a little article about our asia-trip at the end of last year. They printed a nice selection of our pictures and we also did a little interview why we have been using Sony’s a6000 and we shared some general information about traveling in asia. So if you want to know more about traveling with your gear, taking portraits in a foreign land or simply planning a trip to thailand or cambodia make sure to get a copy.






Right now we are also working on posts about our time in cape town in general and on some reviews about the new gear we took with us. So check back every few days to not miss the new stuff!




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